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Hi, I’m Osby Isibor, the Founder of Monetize Your Knowledge.

Do you want to monetize your knowledge online, but don’t know where to start?

Do you have knowledge to draw upon but not sure how to monetize it?

Are you confused or uncertain about what exactly to teach from your wealth of knowledge?

Do you have something important to share?

Are you an expert in areas others would like to know about as well?

Do you have an idea and committed to getting out there with it this year?

Are you an established practitioner, author, speaker, expert or coach who wants to use your existing content and leverage your knowledge to create your digital teaching program and boost sales?

If you can relate to any of these, then, I would love to invite you to join my brand new training course I just created for YOU!

And if you’ve been wondering how anyone can take all of their expert knowledge and design a digital product, online course, program or a business out of it?

Don’t worry, you won’t get overwhelmed or confused anymore. Especially not now that you’re reading this!

You have specific knowledge, right now, as you are reading, that would help someone solve a problem they have. That person would happily PAY you to share what you know with him/her.

But is it really that profitable?

Is your knowledge valuable?

Can you really make money by sharing your expert knowledge?

The answer is YES! It’s definitely possible to make money from your knowledge.

The BIG Questions we have to answer now are:

  • How do you make money sharing your knowledge?
  • How do you identify the most valuable knowledge you have, and organize it into something marketable and valuable that people will happily pay you for?
  • How do you get started?
In the Monetize Your Knowledge program, we lay all those concerns to rest by showing you how to transform your knowledge into a digital product or your dream business.

When you join MYK, you will have immediate access to the entire course and all bonuses.

You see, the problem with you is that so much of what you can offer other people for them to PAY you…is locked up inside your head right now.

Your ‘BIG Stuff’ is stuck between your ears – right inside your big head. It’s not on paper or in any information product or training program!

AND until your KNOWLEDGE goes from your head and a few documents into something super other people can BUY, you don’t have a business.

Until you productize it or just start delivering it as information product or online course…you have nothing!

But ALL that can change starting TODAY when you enroll in this Masterclass.

I’ve already made every mistake when it comes to monetizing WHO you are and WHAT you know, so you don’t have to.

I’ve done ALL the heavy lifting for you. Now, all you have to do is follow the system I’ve put together for you, and watch the cash rolling in!

This is an opportunity for you to apply the knowledge you already have, and I could bet that there is a great deal you know that someone else would be better off if they knew!

There are thousands of people out there that will gladly pay you high prices to learn from you – they are yearning to learn from you how to improve their lives and businesses from the knowledge that you have already.

It’s almost impossible that you aren’t good at something.

Everyone has skills and talents. Each of us has a unique story that can help SO many other people to succeed in their lives… in their businesses… in their relationships… in their personal interests.

Each of us has something very important to share with others and with the world. The knowledge that you have accrued over your lifetime deserves to be shared with other people.

YOU as a smart individual can provide them the SOLUTION they need to solve their PROBLEM and get PAID for it.

So, assuming there is something you’re great at – how do you package that greatness up into something valuable you can sell?

The good news is that there is a proven process and system for turning your KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTISE, LIFE EXPERIENCE, BEST SKILLS, TALENTS and NATURAL GIFTS into businesses that generate revenue for you.

There is a way to organize and structure your unique and incredible knowledge into premium and an easy-to-consume products and services, and sustain a career doing what you love.

I’m going to teach YOU how this works – Step-By-Step, and process by process.

AND if you think you don’t have knowledge about something or have no skill other people will pay for, I created MODULE #1 of this training specially for you. THIS lesson takes you step-by-step, jump-starting your thinking about your area of expertise and showing you how to turn it into a ‘HOT’ Product or Program.

And believe it or not, it’s not that difficult to learn.

I’m committed to helping you get your dreams and brilliant ideas out of your head and on paper, and to execute them.

Nothing is left out. I hope to work with YOU on this.


“Monetize Your Knowledge™”
The Knowledge Profits Mastery Course

What Is Monetize Your Knowledge?

Monetize Your Knowledge™ is a 6-Module online training program that teaches how to leverage your knowledge to create the life, business and income you truly want.

The program shows you how to tap into your unique knowledge or personal passions, and turn it into a LIFETIME of profits.

In this powerful training, I’ll walk you through the EXACT strategies the world’s highest-paid speakers, coaches, authors, information marketers, and online thought leaders use to turn their KNOWLEDGE into INCOME; and how you too can design a high-impact, high-profit business that you love – and that you’re good at.

Over the last three years, I’ve created a system that shows you step-by-step how to earn more MONEY sharing your unique knowledge and doing work you love.

Inside, I’ll show you a roadmap to develop your ideas, put your skills to work for you, and find an audience desperate to learn from the knowledge you already have.

This online course is filled with specific, actionable steps for monetizing WHO you are and WHAT you know, that I’ve tested and you can use instantly.

This course will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the information that you need, and the tools you'll use to consistently turn your expertise into REAL money.

Using this system, you can turn any knowledge, expertise, passion, skill, interest, and life experience into a thriving business.

Monetize Your Knowledge™ training program is different from other courses because, I’m not just going to tell you to “get out there and share your knowledge”, I’m going to give you step-by-step guides to making it happen.

It doesn’t matter if you have no idea, no “marketable skills”, and know nothing about business.

You’ll learn how to use skills you already have to find a profitable idea and start earning an extra income on the side or full time. You’ll find more insights and in-depth strategies in this training program.

And the best part is, ANYONE Can do it. If I can do it, you too can!

I want to help as many people as I can to monetize WHO they are and WHAT they know, so you can launch your own successful business, based around your incredible knowledge and passions.

And I will show you EVERYTHING inside this powerful training program.

There is a proven process for creating something to sell and this program shows you how I do it.

With the Monetize Your Knowledge program, you will know how to spread your message and expertise through various outlets and get paid handsomely for it.

You’ll discover how to match these abilities and your best skills with the biggest money making opportunities now and in the future.

The knowledge profits mastery course teaches you EVERYTHING step-by-step, process by process!

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here.

No ambiguity or confusion.

  • Login 24/7 (all digital and downloadable).
  • Literally step-by-step. Nothing is left out. No unnecessary fluff or pranks.
  • An amazing community of students/customers going along with you to help support you, network with you, and hold you accountable.
If you want to get more clients, help more people and make more money in your business, join this training program now!

As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access to Monetize Your Knowledge and all bonuses.

Inside the training, I’m going to show you...
  • How to systematically extract what you already know and package it up into something valuable you can sell to people who need them…while making a healthy profit
  • The proven strategies to share your knowledge, expertise or advice, get paid, and making great money and living your dream lifestyle.
  • How to uncover your unique natural talents and skills and turn them into endless streams of income and profits.
  • How to choose the right business model based on your personality, your skills and talents, and the kind of lifestyle that you want to have.
  • How to overcome your doubts, hidden challenges, limiting beliefs, fears, or lack of confidence, so you can begin to share your message.
  • How to create a business around your expertise and what you can do to turn that knowledge into money.
  • Proven techniques for pursuing wealth and the 5 principles to unlocking massive wealth.
  • How to use your knowledge to kick start and build your own information business, and generate an extra income for yourself.
  • The 8 proven ways to monetize your skills online and make MONEY sharing your knowledge with others.
  • The #1 biggest problem that is holding you back from leveraging your expertise, and best skills, and how to fix it and turn things around and move your life ahead.
  • I’ll teach you how to help anyone with the knowledge you already have while you are getting paid to do it.
AND how to do ALL of this on your own even if you have zero technical skills and you’re just getting started.

Sign Up Now And You Get These Valuable Training…

Here are the six in-depth learning modules…

MODULE #1: Discovering Your Knowledge Goldmine
You’ve got so many knowledge, skills, natural talents, and unique gifts floating around in your head and so far, that has gotten you nowhere. The problem is, you’re not sure which one you can charge money for, or which one is viable and worth pursuing.

In this training, I’ll help you find out what you’re great at, or what makes you tick, even if you think you have nothing to offer. We’ll also uncover your unique natural talents and skills and show you how to turn them into endless streams of income and profits.

MODULE#2: Turning Your Knowledge Into Income
This is one of the core trainings of the knowledge profits mastery course. You have valuable knowledge you can share with the world and get paid for it. In this training, I’m going to teach you how to turn your expertise and best skills into a profitable 6 - 7 figure digital business that generates you income.

The training will show you the EXACT strategies, techniques and processes that many industry experts have used to turn their unique knowledge, expertise and skills into best selling information products, online courses, coaching businesses, and training programs.

With this training, you will discover 8 simple strategies to package what you already know into something valuable that people will pay you high ticket to have it.

MODULE #3: Building Self Confidence
One of the most common barriers to sharing knowledge is self-confidence. Lots of people don’t think they are good enough to teach others or have any idea they can charge money for. The reason, all come down to one thing – lack of self-confidence. I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

Your level of self confidence determines your ability to get your ideas or message across, influence, inspire, motivate, sell and build relationships with others. Build your confidence and establish your credibility through effective communication and become recognized as the Go-To Expert in your field or niche.

This powerful training program shows you how to overcome your doubts, hidden challenges, limiting beliefs, fears, or lack of confidence; master your communication in the key areas of your business, develop and build your self confidence.

You will discover the exact formulas and models that the top business owners, public speakers, marketers, salespeople, and relationship experts use to communicate effectively and influence others. With this training, you’ll discover the #1 biggest problem that is holding you back from leveraging your expertise, life experiences and best skills, and how to fix it and turn things around and move your life ahead.

Confidence, like any other skill, can be learned and mastered. Once you have mastered it, everything in your life will change.

MODULE #4: Pursuing Wealth
Discover what you need to know in pursuit of wealth. As the Monetize Your Knowledge course is designed to teach you how to make money with your knowledge, this training will equip you with the basic steps to personal wealth.

Inside this training, you’re going to discover proven concepts and techniques for pursuing wealth. You’ll also learn the top 5 principles to unlocking wealth, the formula to success, and the law of prosperity that you need to become successful with money, and start generating long term wealth.

The program will help you develop the specific real world habits and mindsets that build and keep wealth. Once you have this knowledge and know how to apply these potent, sensible techniques sufficiently, you will improve all aspects of your lives spectacularly. These strategies are not only practical, but also immediately useful.

MODULE #5: Building Your Brand
Learn how to brand yourself as an expert in any niche with these branding secrets. In this powerful training, you’ll discover how to set yourself apart from the competitor, make your business, product or service stand out from the pack as a trusted name. Here’s what you'll discover in this training:
  • How to successfully build and market your brand online.
  • How to build a powerful brand to stick out in a saturated market.
  • How to carefully define your brand and all that it represents.
  • How to create your own unique identity.
  • The 3 simple strategies to establishing the identity of your brand.
  • How to develop a buyer persona so you know exactly who you're targeting.
  • How to leverage industry leaders to leapfrog your way to success.
  • How to design a suitable social media strategy.
  • The types of elements in your business to optimize to increase your reputation online.
MODULE #6: Better Blogging Secrets
Blogging is one way you can share your knowledge and passion with the world and become the Go-To Expert in your field or niche. Become an authority today with your own blog.

Every brand needs a home. You have to have some kind of online presence by building your own blog. Your blog does not have to be complicated. This module covers everything you need to know about creating a profitable blog.

You’ll learn how to choose the right blogging platform for your business, how to organize your blog, building social authority, and much more.

Are you looking to grow your passion into an expertise? Transforming your knowledge into a digital product or online course can help you achieve that.

Who Is Monetize Your Knowledge for?

If you teach your knowledge and skills to others, YOU and the knowledge profits mastery course are a match made in heaven!

Are you an established practitioner, author, speaker, content creator, freelancer, expert or coach who wants to leverage your existing content and knowledge to create your own online course or program and boost sales?

If you answer YES to this question, then this training course is perfect for you.

Monetize Your Knowledge program was created for overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid coaches, speakers, trainers and authors who want to leverage their expertise and learned experiences into six-figure income, so you can make a lasting impact while serving others.

Many of our clients have used this same training and launched their own wildly successful digital businesses. If they can do it, you can too.

These are regular people who simply figured out how to take what they already learned, already mastered, and already love to do and leveraged it to launch a lucrative six-figure career or online business. It's what you've been waiting for and now you can have it...

The training course helps YOU package up what you already know into a digital information product business so you can get paid what you’re worth.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting, creating everything you need to earn more, make a bigger impact, and have the freedom to live the life of your dreams.

Get All This When You Register Today!

Monetize Your Knowledge includes instant access to:

#1: Unlimited Access To The Entire Course Modules
You’ll have 24/7 access to 6 in-depth courses to show you EXACTLY how to start out profiting from your knowledge without spending months or years of trial and error). So, immediately you enroll, you have UNLIMITED access to the entire training for life, so you can go at your own pace.

#2: FREE pdf Copy of Osby's Latest Hot-Selling Book
This book is a valuable resource in your knowledge profits mastery journey.

#3: UNLIMITED ACCESS To Our Exclusive Online Community - where you connect with like-minded people to hold you accountable and mentors who help you implement the Monetize Your Knowledge and overcome any challenge in your journey to start you own business. Get all the support you need within minutes.

#4: Unlimited Email Consulting - Get Your FREE One Year Email Support from Me
Even if it’s a year from now, if you have a question just send me an email, and I'll respond within 24 hours. You’ll get me to answer ANY of your pressing questions concerning the program with this untapped, priority access to my inbox.

#5: Lifetime Access And Login 24/7 (it is all digital + downloadable so you can login to access the content & download the course and take it with you on the go).

#6: 30 day 100% money back guarantee

GET The Insights, Ideas And Tools You Need To Earn More, Make A Bigger Impact, And Live A Life Others Only Dream About!
Grab the Monetize Your Knowledge course today!

How do I get started and how much does it cost?

Getting started is simply by signing up and registering for the program right away.
How much is Monetize Your Knowledge training program?

The entire Monetize Your Knowledge step-by-step system is only $197 Special Promotional Price.

Meaning you can get started and get full access today for $197 (that's about N70K).

This is a N120K ($335) course where I share EIGHT ways to turn your knowledge into a LIFETIME of PROFITS.

And yes, during this special promotional period you can have full and immediate access to the entire program right away for just $197 - so you can get started now for a really low investment. All modules. All downloads. All toolkit, tips and strategies.

You will have lifetime access to the entire program and can study them whenever you want, as often as you want - all for this one-time introductory investment.

The choice is yours.

This offer is only valid for a short period of time.

So, we’re in a race against time. You need to act FAST!

Enroll in Monetize Your Knowledge Before the Price Goes Up to $335.

Enroll Now And Get Instant Access!


The MYK course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Monetize Your Knowledge Is Risk Free With Our 30-Day Guarantee!

100% Guarantee Monetize Your Knowledge In 30 Days Or Get A Full Refund!

I want you to feel secure that if you take the lectures and apply the strategies, you’re going to get your own program done. That’s the point.

I pride myself on high quality programs that actually work…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you do what I teach you, you’ll get good results. And you will. If you don’t do it, nothing good happens.

If at the end of 30 days, you don’t have your digital teaching program or online course done, just show me all your homework and exercises so I know you went through the program – and I’ll happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back.

PLUS, you get to keep all the downloaded materials to say thank you for giving it a trial.

Fair enough right? Ok…

Enroll Now And Get Instant Access!


I get it that you’re still on the fence about joining MYK because of the price!

That’s where you get it all wrong.

This is the thing…If your fist question is about price; this course is NOT for you.

Think of how much you spend on some things that WILL NEVER pay you back as an investment.

I offer Monetize Your Knowledge training program for just $197 (N70K) to make it affordable and easier for anyone to get started.

If you can’t afford to invest that much in yourself, please don’t join.

MYK is not expensive when you consider ALL of the value you’ll receive when you join.

YOU get LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire course. That means that if by your schedule you fall behind, you can get back into the knowledge profits mastery material at your own convenience.

And anytime I add new content to the course, you’ll get it – FREE! Compare this with similar courses out there that are sold for over N300K ($997), yet offers less value.

This might be the only time I offer this course to the public for $197.

So there are no promises about what the price will be next time around.

What I can promise you is that you’ll get MORE than 10x the value out of MYK course. EVERYTHING you need to succeed is inside the course.

The only REAL downside of my Monetize Your Knowledge program is that you have to actually take action and commit to something in your life.

Courses don’t do ANYTHING for you. You use a course and MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU.

Monetize Your Knowledge is carefully created to help you take action. If you do, we both win. If you don’t, I lose, you lose! And I don’t want this to happen to any of us!

I’ve created the most comprehensive course on earning money using all of your expertise and learned experience. But you can’t just expect it to magically work for you. You need to do the work.

And when you do, you’ll be amazed at how you change from wishing and dreaming of having more money to SPECIFICALLY KNOWING a step-by-step plan to earn more with your KNOWLEDGE!

What to do next?

Enroll Now And Get Instant Access!

Join other wonderful men and women who are leveraging their expertise, knowledge, life experiences and passions to create value and generate income to support their ideal lifestyles!

Here are some of the results of students who decided Monetize Your Knowledge was right for them.


“This program has helped me increase engagement on my social media, and I’ve had daily inquiries for people wanting to work with me since launching my information business.”
– Maryam Sani, Health & Wellness Coach

“There’s a lot of information presented, but it’s done in a very accessible and easy to use way, and the information has been very valuable in refining and running my info publishing business.”
– Smart Omokri , Writer & Blogger

“This was a fantastic course and I learned a lot from the amazing wisdom of Osby. I will definitely use the techniques taught here to launch a new product in my real estate business.”
– Chuks Nduka, Chukky Realties

“If you are starting out and have never created a digital product before, Monetize Your Knowledge program will give you the blueprint and teach you how to build your first online course".
– Adams, Fitness Coach

Enroll Now And Get Instant Access!

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Course Curriculum

MODULE #1: Discover Your Expertise
MODULE #2: LESSON #1: Understanding The Fundamentals To Sharing Your Knowledge
MODULE #2: LESSON #2: The TOP 8 Ways To Monetize Your Knowledge, Skills And Expertise
MODULE #3: Building Self Confidence
MODULE #4: Pursuing Wealth
MODULE #5: Building Your Brand
MODULE #6: Better Blogging Secrets
FREE pdf Copy of My Latest Hot-Selling Book

Osby Isibor


Hi, I’m Osby Isibor, a writer, digital publisher, coach, personal branding strategist, and knowledge-commerce enthusiast based in Abuja, Nigeria.

I’m the founder of Infopreneur Business School and a leading authority on strategic digital product creation (SDPC).

I help people who want to share their knowledge, life experience, passion and skills with others, build income that supports their ideal lifestyle.

For over 5 years now, I have been writing, growing online communities, teaching, and selling digital information products and services online.

I’ve coached many of my clients and students, and mentored them on how to create profitable businesses using the power of information and content.

I look forward to helping you discover - and put to good use - the power of info publishing.

So, if you want to take a deep dive into how to create a sustainable information marketing business around your expertise, I’m here to help YOU.